A Puzzle Piece Part
by Kim Shannon on June 29th, 2022
By Sheila Hughes I’m just an ordinary personYet, God sees potential in me,He wants me in His new kingdomBut only if I choose to be.I cannot foresee the futureBut God knows what I can do,He wants to be seen by meAnd hold me together like glue.He chooses the most unlikely onesTo unexpectedly work a wonder,We can hear His voice speak softlyOther times, it’s loud like thunder.He can change the evil si...  Read More
Running From the Cost
by Kim Shannon on June 23rd, 2022
By Sheila Hughes I bow before you Lord JesusUse me, I’ll serve how you say,Help me through your Holy SpiritI’ll turn from self to go your way.Teach me what I need to learnMy understanding measures low,I accept the cost that’s requiredThat’s needed so I’ll spiritually grow.I’m committed to serve only YouNo other worldly god can save,Correct me should I get off-trackInstruct me how I should behave.I...  Read More
Shameful Actions
by Kim Shannon on June 16th, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes Wrong thoughts can be so strongThey often make us feel superior,We compare and judge our neighborAnd shun those with a sinful exterior.We then become a sinner as wellIn the sinful way that we act,By our keeping them at arm’s lengthKind treatment of them we lacked.Hate can keep everyone divided;Weighs us down with a heavy load,Jesus came to show us what’s rightFrom our Fath...  Read More
Serving God, Or Ourselves
by Kim Shannon on June 10th, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes Would you be so selfish of mind,Describing yourself before you die?Obituaries describe how we’ve livedWhether we’re a self-centered gal or guy.Family and friends will know us bestThey mention what makes us look good,The bad is hidden, it is out of sightGod knows things undone we should.He knows who we have servedWhether ourselves more than Him,No coverups allowed in His Pr...  Read More
Freedom of God and Man
by Kim Shannon on June 6th, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes God, at Creation, took a big riskWhen He allowed man to choose,Free was what He wanted us to beWe can accept Him, or reject and loose.The choice is ours alone to makeArriving at an accountable age,We can love, be gentle and patientOr live with hate and evil rage.God is free to do as He pleasesHe often is hidden to the eye,We are responsible for our choicesBy them we live, ...  Read More
Self-Sacrificing Love
by Kim Shannon on June 1st, 2022
By Sheila Hughes I pour out my life in faithTo the One who died for me,I am His servant for lifeFor He died to set me free.No sacrifice will be too greatFor I know what then awaits,After death, I’ll see my LordOnce entering the Pearly Gates.What a glorious time it will be!For what amazing things I’ll see,The weight of the world goes awaySorrow, pain, is taken from me.All evil will be removed forev...  Read More
Reflection of Jesus
by Kim Shannon on May 27th, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes Jesus, grow me more like youAnd show patience along the way,Tame my tongue and actionsIn everything that I do and say.I want to find your kind of peaceInstead of showing anger and hate,I want my love for you to increaseSo, let’s go on a daily love date.Speak your truth tenderly to meBe accessible, sensitive to my needs,I’m trying to be a reflection of youHelp me to sow onl...  Read More
Jesus Wants Inclusion
by Kim Shannon on May 23rd, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes My sins bring shame upon meAn outcast from others I must be,I hide from the truth each dayI die from what gossipers say.I live only in a way to get byDue to my situation, I often cry,What can satisfy my thirst/hunger?Tell me, for I’m not getting younger.Am I doomed to live this way?No change I see for all seems gray,As a woman, can I ever be lovedCan my abuse end, and bein...  Read More
by Kim Shannon on May 23rd, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes Torment and suffering do existBoth inside and outside of man,We fell, messed up our perfectionNow this evil, we are not a fan!Our world is plagued with sinEvil is allowed to run wild,It has infested all of mankindWith the exception of God’s child.Just when all seems going wellOften without warning evil appears;It knocks us flat on our backs,Brings about enormous fears.We c...  Read More
God Approves Questions, Disapproves Unbelief
by Kim Shannon on May 9th, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes Almighty God of our universeSends His holy angels our way,They may speak, or may be silentGod’s message some way they relay.They appear suddenly without warningSo amazing, it brings us some fear,God strengthens us so we can see itFrozen, astonishingly, at it we peer.Nothing seems familiar to our eyesThe supernatural blows our mind,We know for a fact, it is from GodFrom God...  Read More
God Cannot Be Tempted By Evil
by Kim Shannon on May 2nd, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes Jesus is God, in heaven, on earthHe’s perfect, over everything rules,He lacks for nothing, he owns allLove and righteousness are his tools.He worked down here teaching truthTo everyone who wanted to hear,Everything He created he cares forThro’ His Spirit, seeks to draw us near.He’s holy and full of all that He needsNothing evil does He want or desire,He knows all, he’s obe...  Read More
Limitations of Jesus
by Kim Shannon on April 26th, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes Jesus was both human and GodMind-boggling for our finite mind,He was born and walked among usLeft the real truth for us to find.He had limitations while hereHe was like us, yet so much more,There’s no greater teacher like him;Provided life from his heavenly store.Our understanding of Him is limitedYet, His Word teaches all that we need,In order to grow spiritually matureUp...  Read More