Holy Spirit's Fire

Written by Sheila Hughes
Fire me up Holy Spirit
Penetrate deep to my heart,
Burn up all the unholy stuff
Don’t wait, hurry and start.

Bad habits have a hold
Binding with a strong chain,
I seem to be hopelessly lost
Rebirth me and then retrain.

I’ll allow you to do the work
Cleanse every wicked part,
I know it will take some time
Because now I am Satan’s art.

My vision has become clouded
I no longer can see the wrong,
Enable me to control my thoughts
Forgive, in addition, walk along.

Empower me to do godly things
Lead the way, lighten my dark,
I cannot do this on my own
Ignite within me a fiery spark.

None of us change into bad people over night and it will take some work on both our part and God’s to change us into something more pleasing to our Lord and Savior. Our nature is fallen, and it doesn’t help that we live in an evil environment daily. We start out doing wrong and after a while we don’t see it as wrong any more. We may have developed a filthy mouth, or steal something that didn’t belong to us. Getting away with it we put it behind us and move forward to the next time by doing something even worse than the first time. Perhaps we weren’t raised in Christian homes, but we don’t have an excuse for not knowing right from wrong. The Holy Spirit works on the sinners. The Holy Spirit is a refiner’s fire, He purifies and brings to light what is dark in us. He convicts us of our wrong-doing. We can choose to listen or turn a deaf ear to what He is saying to us. Man is selfish, we love getting what we desire. We want to be in charge and make our own decisions, good or bad. We like to think we know what is best for us. The real truth is we all are sinners in need of forgiveness. Some may get mercy and grace from our Lord, but they refuse to change their immoral ways. Our God is holy, and He expects his children to be the same way. He wants to see we are trying to be better people and be used by him to witness to others how we were able to change with His help. We all need His help.
The Holy Spirit is a penetrating fire in a dark world. He is our guide throughout life if we want him to be. It’s our choice. He searches deep within to correct our wrong-doing. Jesus made a way for us to the Father and eternal life, the Holy Spirit He left to guide us righteously. Satan is constantly trying to put a blindfold over our eyes so we cannot see wrong as sinful. The Holy Spirit can reborn our spirit and retrain us in God’s commands. He is the author and revealer of scripture. The Holy Spirit can convict us as well as be our Comforter. We must surrender our rebelliousness to Him completely and trust him to walk along side of us, helping so a new change can take place in our lives.
The Holy Spirit is also a contagious fire. Whenever we throw our willingness into the fire it will leap up and be spread to others. When we are on fire for God it’s bound to affect other people as well. Go into all the world as His witnesses and be used as God chooses.
Sheila Wells Hughes, October 28, 2020, # 1002

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