Owned By God

Written by Sheila Hughes
Make me into a golden vine
Producing fruitfulness each day,
Honoring my Owner I’ll work hard
So I can give of His crop away.

A degenerate vine God despises
He cuts away that which is bad,
The best soil pleases the Owner
It will grow a more righteous lad.

God created the land and also me
No one else can rightfully own,
In my pride I think I am boss
But in love, in His image, I’m sown.

He made me to have great value
God has created for me the best,
Like a great parent He will clean
Some of the things I have messed.

Lost, found, Christ bought me back
I am His, not just once, but twice,
He died in my place upon a cross
He paid a great redemption price.

     Vineyards were as much a part of life to the Israelites as the hamburger is to the American. The vine was associated with (fruitfulness). The symbol of the golden vine even adorned the gate of Israel’s temple. Israel knew that God intended them to be on display to the world as a people who (belonged to Him) and therefore (blessing) would come to them. All throughout scripture it speaks of Israel as being the vine of God. “Thou hast brought a vine out of Egypt: thou hast cast out the heathen, and planted it” (Ps. 80:8) God was always coming to the aid of Israel, even though down through time Israel turned into a “degenerate plant of a strange vine unto me.” (Jer. 2:21) God would chastise his own and bring them back from sin to honor Him once again, so they could live a life of fruitfulness. His people would repent and try to go back out and serve Him again. His Christ was to be the ultimate fruit of the vine of Israel.
     God owned the vineyard because He created it by hand. Israel was (created and redeemed) and they belonged to (Him). We too, belong to Him. Not only are we “once His”, we are “twice His”! There is a story I heard about a small boy who made a toy yacht. Finding a river, he sailed his yacht along its winding streams, but the current being too strong, carried his ship away. Some time later, he looked into a shop window and saw his lost ship there. It had been found by the owner of the shop and put up for sale. Hurrying inside, the small boy explained the situation, but the man was skeptical and demanded the child buy the toy. Nothing the boy said could change the man’s mind, so in the end there was nothing to do but to pay for it. Hugging the boat to him as he left the shop, he said to it, “Twice mine. I made you, and now I’ve bought you – you’re “twice mine!” God made us, sailed us down the stream of life, and lost us to sin. He paid a great redemption price to buy us back – the life of His Son. Therefore, He rightfully owns us. We are twice His! Once we realize this, we can begin to start being more (fruitful) followers. Whatever happens to God’s vineyard is God’s affair – not mine. We need to learn how to mind our own business and not tell God what to do.
     How fruitful for Christ are you? Don’t be a degenerate plant, allowing sin to destroy your crop. Christians need to honor Christ for buying them back. Allow Him to be your rightful owner. Do what He says. He loves you so much not to leave you lost. Be a committed servant to Him.
Sheila Wells Hughes, April 23, 2021, # 1029

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