Realistic Weight Gauge

Written by Sheila Hughes
Lord, I cannot carry this weight
This burden is getting me down,
I carry it all day and all night
I even carry it all around town.

I feel as if I am going to sink
Like an overweight carrier ship.
Can you counsel me this day?
Can you give me a beneficial tip?

I cannot cope nor can I be balanced
My carrying load is over the line,
Mentally and physically I’m shaky
Like a person on too much wine.

I’m weary and I need your help
Come now and give me some rest,
I cannot carry it a step further
Remove some, reestablish my zest.

None of Your creation is the same
Be patient with my spiritual store,
Some are built to carry much less
While others can carry a lot more.

     We need to ask the Lord to give us a realistic gauge of the weight we should carry. If we try to carry too much of a load, we are likely to sink. Coming to know our carrying capacity, we can keep balanced. None of us are the same, some can carry heavier burdens than others. Cargo ships have a (water line) so people will not overload them and cause them to sink. We can carry around too much sin, guilt, too much work, or become older and cannot cope with what we used to carry. There’s a cute little poem I saw on Facebook that goes along with the burden of age:
My glasses come in handy
My hearing aid is fine,
My false teeth are just dandy
But I sure do miss my mind!
     Too much weariness can end up affecting us physically. Jesus says to “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest!” (Matt. 11:28) Most of us have to balance our home and family responsibilities with all our outside responsibilities, including church and work. Taking on too much at one time can wear us out and we will not accomplish anything of worth. We will grow weary and sink as a result. Working around the clock, not sleeping, can soon get us down. People can worry themselves into weariness over everyday living, whether they are rich or poor. As we grow stronger in Christ, we learn how to take on more weight. Christ may not remove all our labors, but He can bring us peace and strength to endure them better while carrying the burdens.
     Just take into account that everyone is not the same, or at the same level of maturity in Christ. Be patient and help them along the way. Sinking someone will not get a person where they need to go. Too much weighty burdens can cause them to quit. Observe little flags of distress and go easy on them until they can get back on their feet. Christ never asks more of us than what we are capable of doing.
Sheila Wells Hughes, April 28, 2021, # 1,030

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