Written by Sheila Hughes

Take me away for a time God
To a place where the sky is fair,
A place that’s higher than here
Together, where you’ll show me care.

I’ll leave behind my selfishness
And seek the purity of your face,
I’ll lay down my sins before you
Confident of your matchless grace.

I’ll meditate on the truth within
Being spoken to my spirit by you,
No one else can hear our words
It’s private, just between us two.

You’ll impress upon me what’s right
So that my character will change,
You bring about calming peace
My hurtful thoughts you rearrange.

I want to stare deeply at you
And not to take a quick glance,
As I ponder your words in my heart
Inside/outside my life they enhance.

Meditation is not an easy thing to describe or talk about because it’s an activity that happens somewhere between your mind and your spirit. To think about something and process it intellectually is one thing, but true meditation actually changes something about you. It leaves an impression that is the shape of that on which you have meditated. If you meditate on a problem, the impression will be problem-shaped. If you meditate on God, the impression will be God-shaped.

Some people confuse the act of studying for meditation, and although they may go hand-in-hand at times, they are not the same. Studying is a quest for understanding. When you study, you seek facts and often seek the expertise of other people to further your knowledge about a subject. Meditation, however, is an internal search in which you ask the Holy Spirit living inside you what the meaning is for your life. Meditation requires no concordance, no reference material or additional reading. When we meditate it doesn’t quickly happen. We cannot see hidden images at a quick glance. We meditate in prayer, pondering God’s words or His character. His life has an impression upon how we act and think. We can go off on our own sinful way of actions, or we can choose to go God’s way. Paul said to set your mind on things above, not on earthly things. (Colossians 3:2) If we could only meditate more on Christ than on ourselves we could rid ourselves of the weighty burdens of this world. Christ has a way of changing our wrong thinking and causes us to see ourselves more clearly. Meditation causes us to look inside ourselves. Meditation is not a fact-finding mission, but a journey into the heart of God. Meditation normally doesn’t take place in a busy atmosphere where we can be distracted. We normally seek out a peaceful place where we can be alone with God. God wants us to come to Him in prayer so he can scan us for imperfections. We allow Him to correct us for we know He has our best interest in mind. He impresses us with the real truth, not what we’d prefer to believe.

I hope you will meditate on God each day to keep you on the right path.

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 10, 2021, # 1, 032

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