Beginning and End

Written by Sheila Hughes

Where sin separated us from the Father
Jesus came, and tore down the wall,
His blood sacrifice opened the door
The Father in prayer now hears our call.

The Father is One, but three Persons
And we can be connected to all three,
Jesus came down, He paid our debt
It cost Him his life, but made us free.

Jesus was at the beginning of time
And He will be around in the end,
He came first to earth as a Servant
Next time as King, His own he’ll mend.

No longer will we put up with any sin
For He’s promised to take it away,
In His new kingdom there will be peace
All believers look forward to that Day!

Now we are blessed by the Holy Spirit
Jesus left Him so we won’t be alone,
He guides us, teaches us, moves us
So right character can be full grown.

Jesus is our (intercessor of prayer) to the Father. (Eph. 2:18) In Rev. 8:3-5 the (another angel) some think is Jesus, since Jesus is called the (Angel of Jehovah) in the OT (Gen.16:13, 31:11, 13; Judg. 6:22, Hos. 12:3,4) In the first verse of (Rev. 8:1) we are told that there is a (half hour) before the 7th Seal was opened. The long dramatic silence normally comes (before or with God’s judgments). Prayers ascend heavenward, like burning incense. They emphasize the power of prayer to bring God’s intervention. Prayer is very important, it’s our way of talking to God about everything. We praise God through prayer, and we bring our needs before Him. He hears our prayers and knows the heart from which the prayers have come.

When Jesus returns to earth He will come at that time in Judgment. The first time He came as a Servant, the next time He comes as King. Before He comes the second time to earth, the unbelievers will have to endure a time of Tribulation. Those left, after the Rapture of the believers by Christ (in the sky) with the saints (1 Thess. 4) these unbelievers will experience a great time of tribulation on earth for their refusal to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Some will still be saved during this time, but sadly not many. The Tribulation lasts 7 yrs. total. The first 3 ½ yrs.-Seven Seal Judgments occur. The last 3 ½ yrs. -the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments occur. Much suffering and loss of life occurs during these 7 yrs.

Then, Christ returns again (this time He touches down on earth) on the Mount of Olives-it splits in two) Zech. 14:4) Armageddon-battle between good and evil takes place (Rev.19)-Christ wins. Satan and evil angels are put in prison for 1,000 yrs. (Rev. 20) while the Millennial Kingdom of Christ on earth takes place for 1,000 years of complete peace. (Rev. 20) After the 1,000 yrs. Satan is loosed from prison to tempt those born during the 1,000 yrs. to see who they choose to follow-Satan or Christ. (Rev. 20) Then, the Great White Throne Judgment takes place (judgment of all unbelievers).

The believers will receive their rewards at this time. The dead saints who have died previously return also with Christ for the 1,000 yr. kingdom on earth. Both unbelievers and Death and Hades are thrown into the Lake of Fire eternally (2nd death Rev. 20). The New Heaven and New Earth (New Jerusalem-Rev. 21 & 22) that Christ has been preparing for us (believers) to live in eternally comes down to earth after God destroys the old earth with fire. There’s no more sea in the new heaven and earth, but there will be a (river) perhaps akin to that of Eden. (Gen. 2:10-14)

I hope you will take a study on the Book of Revelation. Sin and tribulation will be removed in the end. Jesus is the First and the Last, the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End. Those who read Revelation are promised a blessing who hear it and take it to heart. (Rev. 1:3)

Sheila Wells Hughes, April 29, 2021, # 1,031

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