Finding Clear Guidance

Written by Sheila Hughes

Inside Christians have a Spiritual GPS
That will guide us all through life,
Our problem, we don’t always listen
Consequently, we then suffer strife.

We selfishly get in the Lord’s way
And block our perception being clear,
We often forget that God is in charge
We may run from His will due to fear.

Disobedience will cause consequences
Adversity knocks us down to our knees,
In time we are truly sorry for our actions
We humbly ask God to hear our pleas.

God has a way of always bringing us back
To the place, in the past, where we failed,
It took suffering to bring us to our senses
On a cross where our mulish will was nailed.

Praying more, we then grow closer to God
And we show more respect to His Word,
Instead of ourselves, we put God first
Around our heart His love we will gird.

God always has a plan in mind for our lives, however, it’s not always easy for us to discover what that plan might be. Often, we come to a crossroads in life when we are at a loss of knowing which way we should go. It seems at that particular time that His will must be hidden from our sight. We wonder how some people know His will, but wonder why God’s Spirit hasn’t revealed His will to us. God is willing to speak to all of us, but we must be in a position to hear His voice. The nation of Israel spent forty years wandering in the wilderness as a result of (not) listening to God. He led the people right up to the door of the promised land, but they refused to go in and claim it. They became frightened at the sight of their enemies, and they forgot who was leading them – the Almighty God of heaven and earth. God still remained committed to Israel following their disobedience. God was determined to teach them to hear His voice better so they could do what He had given them to do. God is long-suffering. He will never give up on you. He sees our past, present, and our future. He knows that when we finally do see, and do, then we will bring glory to Him and honor to ourselves.

We miss God’s will by either our ignorance or our disobedience. For the Israelites disobedience, God had the Israelites to wander forty years in the desert to teach them a lesson they wouldn’t forget. God has a way of bringing us back to the place where we failed Him in the past to test us again to see if we can see more clearly in order to pass the test. All that wandering in the desert gave the Israelites more time to get (closer to Him) and their discernment level increased as a result. The first time they approached the promised land they were only concerned about (their needs). The second time, they were focused more on (what God wanted) them to do. Adversity has a way of sharpening our outlook, God’s way. Instead of fear, like the first encounter at the promised land, the second encounter the people just obeyed and went forward in faith. This time they were committed to God’s way and will for their lives. They learned how to better trust Him.

There are consequences to sin and disobedience, but there are also blessings for obedience. Going God’s way brings us hope for our future.

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 22, 2021, # 1, 032

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