Twelve Stones

Written by Sheila Hughes
We serve a powerful God
His strength blows our mind!
He watches and stands ready
To get His children out of a bind.

We lose faith and turn away
Forget promises to Him we’ve made,
We think that we don’t need Him
We stray, causing our love to fade.

Twelve stones are God’s reminder
So that future generations can see;
How God forgives our sinfulness,
Keeps His promises to set us free.

We don’t deserve all His kindness
Nor the miracles He sends our way,
We selfishly look out for number one
We’re even greedy when we pray.

God rescues us time and again
For His children are a stubborn lot,
His patience is far greater than ours
Yet, He’ll punish if his temper gets hot!
We serve a mighty God. God wants his children not to forget his mighty power so that we may fear/respect the Lord our God forever (Josh. 4:21-24). When the nation of Israel was led out of slavery by God from Egypt, He faithfully watched over them even though they disobeyed him time and again by worshipping idols. When the Israelites reached the Red Sea during their flight in the desert, they knew they were in a situation of not being able to get away from their pursuers the Egyptians without God making a way. God miraculously parted the waters of the Red Sea and dried the ground so the Israelites and animals could cross safely over on dry ground. Then, God caused the waters to recede once again drowning all the Egyptians who were hot on the Israelites heels. What an amazing sight the Israelites must have witnessed to see the deep water parted on each side so they could pass through unharmed. (Ex. 14:16-28)

When the Israelites finally reached the Jordan River, before going into the promised land given to them by God, He did the same miracle of parting the Jordan River so the Israelites could pass over on dry ground. God instructed them to collect twelve stones from the floor of the Jordan River (Josh 4). These stones were to represent the twelve tribes of Israel that God delivered to the land he had promised to them. God always keeps his promises. God wanted the Israelites to build a memorial out of the twelve stones to be a reminder of His faithfulness to future generations. They were to make a memorial of these stones so His people would not forget what God had done for them with his mighty hand in saving them. God knows how in time his stubborn children tend to forget Him and turn their backs on Him. God came to the rescue of the Israelites both times and showed his great faithfulness to them even though they had not been faithful to Him in return.

God is still delivering us today when we get into trials we cannot get out of on our own strength. He is still at work in our lives helping to solve our problems. Remember the twelve stone memorial set up and give praise to God even though we too don’t deserve his miracles. He is a mighty God who deserves our praise, worship, and faithfulness.

Sheila Wells Hughes, June 9, 2021, # 1,035

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