Misguided Thinking

Written by Sheila Hughes
I sometimes assume the worst
Which messes with how I feel,
I think that I am always right
But my make believe isn’t real.

The truth much later comes out
And I’m made to see my wrong,
An awful feeling washes over me
Right then, I feel like a ding- dong!

My actions are led by my feelings
Fear, aggressions, may take charge,
During those times I cannot see
Misjudgments go from small to large.

Wrong ideas can damage my worth
Causing me to have a lack of peace,
If I keep going down the same path
My healthy self-image may cease.

I’ll pray and ask God to take away
Misguided thinking from my mind,
I truly want to act more like Christ
May God help me to be more kind.
All of us are guilty of allowing ourselves to think negatively. Things are not always as they seem. We humans have a natural inclination to assume the worst, only to find out later that the situation was not as bad as we thought. A child assumes that he’ll be punished for breaking a glass, or a woman who loses a big account assumes she will be fired. The way we perceive situations is critical. Also, the way we interpret people around us makes us who we are. There are some people who believe the best about everyone and everything and they end up finding out that’s not true. Then, there are those who focus on the dark side of every circumstance, causing them to suffer through life by their pessimism. A wise person might tell you in order to be a well-adjusted person we should think somewhere in between. Wrong ideas determine our attitudes, feelings, and has an effect on our actions. We act on what we feel about what we (believe) to be true. If we fear we are in danger, we act with fear or aggression. If we believe someone is our friend, we respond to that person with trust and openness. If our perception of the truth is off in some area, then our actions are likely to be off as well. When it comes to spiritual matters, truth can be difficult for us to always see, simply because we don’t always have the capacity to think like God. Wrong feelings and attitudes develop in us as a result of our misguided thinking.

When we examine our track record and assess our worthiness to be heard based on performance, we all come up short. Negative and misguided thinking produces in us a toxin, fear, which in turn produces behavior. We reason that we are right, others are wrong, even though we are not an expert on the issue. Comparing ourselves to others is a dangerous habit into which we can fall. We are never going to be exactly like someone else. Judging is a weakness we often do. All of us look different, think different, and act different. Rejection, based on these three things can damage our self-image in Christ.

Be careful how you think. Ask God to take away from you negative and misguided thinking so you can find peace with Him and others.

Sheila Wells Hughes, June 15, 2021, # 1,03

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