Binding Satan and Demons

Written by Sheila Hughes
Satan is roaming throughout earth
There’s no indication he’s bound,
The devil and demons are strong
Much evil in this world is found.

Jesus never told his disciples to bind
But one thing scripture does insist,
That we must stand firm in our faith
While God’s Spirit helps us to resist.

Jesus has conquered Satan and demons 
When He died on the cross in our place,
Someday He’ll return for his followers
In God’s books, it’s an open and shut case.

Jesus’ power came from the Holy Spirit
During his ministry here on the earth,
He did many miracles to prove He’s God
His selfless sacrifice was of great worth.

We’re used mightily by God’s Spirit
Touching lives, witnessing about our King,
Those enslaved by wickedness in this world
Can find freedom, so they’ll again sing!
Can we bind Satan and demons? According to scripture, Jesus gave his disciples authority to (exorcise) demons from people by the power of His Holy Spirit and prayer, but it doesn’t say we can bind Satan or his demons. There is no example of the disciples ever binding them. There is only one scripture that mentions (binding) in regard to Jesus doing the binding of Satan. (Matt. 12:29) Here’s what my Believer’s Bible Commentary says: “In this scripture, the (strong man) is Satan. His (house) is the sphere in which he holds sway. His (goods/possessions) are his demons. Jesus is the one who (binds the strong man), enters his (house) and plunders (his goods). Actually, the binding of Satan takes place in three stages. It began during Jesus’ ministry. It was decisively guaranteed by death and resurrection of Christ. It will be true during the King’s thousand-year reign. (Rev. 20:2) Finally, it will be eternally true when Satan is cast into the lake of fire. (Rev. 20:10) At the present time the devil does not seem to be (bound); he still exercises considerable power. But his doom is determined, and his time is short.” Jesus only cast out demons here on earth by the Spirit of God (Matt. 12:28). So no, according to scripture it doesn’t say we can (bind) Satan or his demons. Only Jesus can do that, and that will happen only when God decides the time.

The Bible does tell us to (resist) the devil instead of binding him. (1 Pet. 5:8-9) We are to resist him and his tempting demons and stand firm in the faith through the power of the Holy Spirit and battle with endurance. We need to pray quickly for God’s help when being attacked. Our lives are oppressed by Satan and demons, and we can (confront) them in Jesus’ name. When tempted by evil, call on the Holy Spirit’s help to resist, and say, Get behind me Satan, in Jesus Name! It’s hard to rid ourselves of evil, for it just keeps coming back tempting us over and over again. Jesus has overcome evil already. In His new future-kingdom there will no longer be any evil. Praise God! As far as being able to (bind) a large territory against Satan I again don’t think we can do that. Jesus didn’t tell his disciples to ask a demon their name either. Jesus asked for a name of a demon only once. (Mark 5:9)

We don’t know everything about the supernatural world, but we have been given some information through scripture. We can do nothing without God’s help.

Sheila Wells Hughes, June 28, 2021, # 1,038

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