Remain Close to God

Written by Sheila Hughes
In our daily walk with our Lord
Remain close, don’t stray away,
Keep calling on God, need Him
Stay loyal through life each day.

God blesses us doing the right
When needed, He comes to our aid,
If we’re with Him, He’s with us
Life is hard, even when we’ve stayed.

Teach your children all about God
Guide them down the right path,
Build faith and strength to endure
Pray they won’t experience God’s wrath.

We’ll draw closer or farther away
During our journey here on earth,
The choice is ours, take it seriously
Our decision determines our worth.

We must not fall prey to rationalization
And allow sin to cloud our sight,
Follow God’s commandments always
Growing strong in His word helps us fight.

Solomon started off following God’s way, but toward the end of his life he wandered away from God. Solomon allowed idol worship to slip in through the cracks and mixed it with the worship of God. Rehoboam, was Solomon’s son, and nothing changed. King Rehoboam allowed Baal as help to the crops; Asherah poles, and oversized carvings of the male sex organ which could bring fertility. He even allowed children to be offered as sacrifices in the fires of Molech. Israel was a mess! Then, along comes Asa, Solomon’s great grandson on the throne. He wanted to seek the Lord and remove the foreign altars and high places. He commanded Judah to seek the Lord, and obey his laws and commands. (2 Chron. 14:2-4) He did what was right and good in the eyes of God. Even Asa’s father Abijah did not remove the idols. Scripture does not say who taught Asa right from wrong and caused him to be a good king. Asa wanted to clean house so Israel once again could receive God’s blessing. Asa destroyed idols and didn’t allow ungodly rationalizing to take place anymore. Asa even tore down the shrines his father and grandfather had built. That was dedication to God over family! God never blesses the wrong things we do. Later on, when Asa went up against an outside enemy army Asa called upon the Lord to come and help. The enemy army was larger in size than Asa’s army (2 Chron. 14:ll-14). The Cushites were wiped out, for God (blessed) Asa for bringing the people black to righteous worship again. The Lord is with us, if we are with Him. (2 Chron. 15:2) Asa even cut down the Asherah pole his own grandmother Maacah had erected. Asa was serious about pleasing God.

Are we as loyal to God as Asa? Do we allow sin to creep in and put up with it until it no longer appears wrong? Today it’s hard to challenge family when they are doing wrong. Asa did great following God for a long time, but things didn’t end well. Twenty-five years later he stopped seeking God. We don’t know why, but if we don’t draw nearer to God, we usually fall away from Him. Asa had another enemy army much smaller to threaten him. He took money out of the Lord’s temple and his palace to buy off a treaty between him and Ben-Hadad, king of Aram, ruler of Damascus. It worked, but Asa didn’t bother to call on God. It was a foolish thing he did and from then on God said he would be at war. (2 Chron. 16:7-9)

Don’t walk away from God. There will always be consequences when you do.

Sheila Wells Hughes, July 6, 2020, # 1,039

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