God Cannot Be Tempted By Evil

Written by Sheila Hughes
Jesus is God, in heaven, on earth
He’s perfect, over everything rules,
He lacks for nothing, he owns all
Love and righteousness are his tools.

He worked down here teaching truth
To everyone who wanted to hear,
Everything He created he cares for
Thro’ His Spirit, seeks to draw us near.

He’s holy and full of all that He needs
Nothing evil does He want or desire,
He knows all, he’s obedient to the Father
Cannot be tempted by Satan the liar.

We, however, are all fallen sinners
In need of His forgiveness and grace,
His patience is greater than our own
He desires to save all the human race.

He wants sincere love from His creation
And a faithful commitment that’s real;
A desire to change from doing wrong,
A surrender to him our unbending will.
Jesus is God, and God is already full of everything good, holy, and righteous that He could possibly desire, so He cannot be tempted by anything evil. We, on the other hand, have a long way to go before becoming complete like Jesus. Jesus is full of everything good that he has created. What more could Satan put before him that he would fall for? Absolutely nothing! Satan knew that, so he tried to tempt Jesus through his humanness while here on earth. He knew Jesus needs to eat, sleep, and he tires like us, so that’s what Satan went after when he tried to tempt Jesus. Satan knew all too well that Jesus is full of everything he created. Everyone and everything has their being in Him. Satan knew He created the vast universe, so that was a no go for Satan. God is already bigger than anything. Jesus also always agrees with the Father and obediently does what the Father wants. Jesus is full and complete by himself. Satan cannot phase Him toward evil. James 1:13 says that we should never think God is tempting us, nor can he be tempted by evil. We allow ourselves to be tempted by evil due to our own evil desires and fallen state. When we give in to evil temptations, we end up sinning against God. Jesus is not trying to become God, like Satan, for He already is God. We need to get more (full) of Jesus in order to be more like Him. We’ll never be Him, but we can grow and learn how to resist temptations better.

All our troubles, all our trials and failures along our earthly journey are hard at times, but they are making us stronger in the lessons we are learning from experience. God doesn’t change. He doesn’t need to improve like us, for He is already perfect. Satan gave Jesus his best shot at trying to tempt him but came up empty-handed. The Father prevented Jesus from using his powers to not feel what Satan put him through during his temptations. Even though the temptations were extreme with great suffering, Jesus refused to give in to Satan. Jesus obeyed the Father all through this horrible suffering and sinned not against the Father. His love for the Father prevented him from jeopardizing their relationship and failing at what he came to do in order to save us.

We need that same kind of great love for God that will cause us to desire more of what the Father wants than what we selfishly want. Seek to be more righteous in your actions so God will smile on you and say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 2, 2022, # 1,087

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