Self-Sacrificing Love

By Sheila Hughes
I pour out my life in faith
To the One who died for me,
I am His servant for life
For He died to set me free.

No sacrifice will be too great
For I know what then awaits,
After death, I’ll see my Lord
Once entering the Pearly Gates.

What a glorious time it will be!
For what amazing things I’ll see,
The weight of the world goes away
Sorrow, pain, is taken from me.

All evil will be removed forever
Sin cannot ever touch me there,
I’ll find complete satisfaction
Peace will exist, never a scare.

In perfection then I can live
Joyful smiles I’ll wear on my face;
Together all will worship God,
And all will show divine grace.
I wonder how many of us Christians would be willing to sacrifice our lives for the sake of others. Our Lord and Savior did for our sake. We have had amazing examples in regard to these school shootings of teachers who were willing to die in order to save the life of their children. Many of Jesus’ disciples were willing to be a martyr for the sake of the gospel. In Philippians 2, Paul uses a description of his service for the gospel along with the service of the Philippian people. At that time, both the Jews and the pagans poured out a drink offering or libation over a sacrifice as it was being offered. The pagans did this practice to gain the favor of or soften the anger of their gods. Paul said the Philippians were the ones doing the offering and their faith was the sacrifice. Paul compared himself as the drink offering poured out in (possible martyrdom) on the sacrifice and service of the Philippians faith, if it was God’s will. He was willing to die for them and the service of the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a wonderful illustration of self-sacrificing love. Paul also wanted the Philippians to not look upon his possible martyrdom as a tragedy, but congratulate him on such a glorious homegoing. Even though Christians may encounter pain and difficult circumstances on a daily basis, we are not to allow our situation to crush our faith and strength. We must not dwell on the time or means of our death, but have joy and hope in where we are going, to be with the Lord himself. Paul did not want Christians to focus on the dark side, he refused to let death steal his joy. He urged his friends the Philippians to (rejoice in the same way).

Every Christian needs to look at life as Paul was teaching the Philippians to do. We will grieve a loved one’s death, but we must also find joy in knowing where our Christian loved one went after death. When our world gets too serious, we need to divert our attention away from the pain by enjoying ourselves with family and friends in order to cope with life’s crushing daily demands. We must make the effort, knowing that’s what our loved ones would have wanted. We all need a break, smile more, play games, and enjoy our time together.

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 28, 2022, # 1,092

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